Aurora DTU Solar Decathlon 2021

Daylight & Artificial Light

Daylight is important for humans to achieve a higher quality of life. Many studies have shown that insufficient daylighting can lead to depression and other mental health problems. Therefore, the internal daylighting has been optimized. This has been done using daylight simulation tools. Even though there is no specific requirement for the daylighting in the house from the solar decathlon, we decided it was important to our project. The aim has been to acquire sufficient daylight, meeting the demand of 300 lux over half of the floor area 50% of the time.  In the preliminary design phase guidelines were given for the window design by performing quick daylight factor simulations in IDA ICE.


We have looked into an artificial lighting system that reflect the natural cycle of light. The artificial lighting system can be used as a supplement to the daylight design that will make the occupant experience better sleep, increased energy levels and presence. When reflecting the cycle of the natural light, the artificial lighting system turns red doing the evening and blue doing the morning.


The ventilation system has been designed to ensure the best possible air quality. As the house is to be built in a changing climate, a dehumidifier and a humidifier has been installed within the air handling unit. An ultraviolet system has been installed to help remove any virus from the air alongside an air filter, to remove the pollution from the air. The aim of the mechanical ventilation system is to ensure a relative air humidity between 40-60% and a particle concentration of less than 35. The sizing has been done by calculating the air change necessary for 6 people.


The ventilation is designed so the main duct structure fits within one large module. Since the north oriented rooms are created with an extra room height, the air will be supplied through the wall between the hallway and the rooms.

Human Health

Human health is very important to consider when designing a new house. Global problems, including pandemics, food shortages, climate change and pollution are all factors that can affect the worlds inhabitants. In the Aurora project, the aim is to make sure that the inhabitants can lead a healthy, long life. This is ensured by solving problems in using new, sustainable solutions.



The pollution levels in China and especially the Hebei province can be very high at times. This is extremely harmful to human health and can cause diseases and lead to an early death. Even though the house is placed in a polluted area, we have been looking into how to make natural ventilation possible, even when the air is polluted. The cleaning of the outdoor air is to be achieved by using plants that can clean the outdoor air locally. A few different methods can be implemented, and the amount of pollution that can be removed by each plant calculated.


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