Engineering and Construction 


Keywords for this project: Modules, transportable, and easily assembled.  


The design basis of the floorplan is based on modular construction, where modules are placed on the outer part of the floorplan, which creates a possibility to utilize the space between the modules to create larger rooms. 


The majority of modules and elements are prefabricated in factories. These are transported to the construction site, where the modules can be lifted directly from the truck to be placed and assembled immediately without the need for a large construction site. A temporary storage area is not present, and by doing this a step in the usual construction time plan will be eliminated.  


Using lightweight modules and elements do not require heavy-duty cranes and reduce the rent time of the cranes and manpower, which in general reduce the costs of assembly.  


Using prefabricated elements, the safety coefficients on the elements are reduced because of better quality control in the factories. Quickly assembling a building also reduces the chance of water damage in case of rain, and can in general also reduce the risk of on-site accidents.   

Aurora DTU Solar Decathlon 2021

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